Plan4all Booth at the ICT 2018 Conference

Plan4all has received a booth at the largest ICT conference of the Commission – the ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Connect Europe.

A team from Plan4all will be waiting for you at the Innovation Village presenting the latest research results from ongoing projects and the way how to transfer the results into practice.

The key focus of the booth will be on the transport of the future:

  • Traffic on the road, road closures and transport management and development are key areas influencing environmental, social and economic indicators. This innovation enables to model and forecast traffic volumes in any location and at any time. This provides an opportunity for transport planners, urban designers, citizens and policy makers to view the forecasted situation on the road reflecting planned developments, road closures and general traffic problems such as rush hours.

    The innovation combines spatial and demographic data including real-time traffic sensors. By using specific algorithms the tool visualises interactive image of traffic volumes. The innovation was designed within the OpenTransportNet project, was commercially exploited in modelling the traffic volumes in Pilsen, Czech Republic, and is currently utilised by the Plan4all association in the PoliVisu project. This is a ready for market innovation which has a huge exploitation potential in many specialisms.

The scope of the booth will be extended to other areas including precision agriculture and tourism.