TEAM 7: LPIS RDF Integration


TEAM MEMBERS: Sam (PSNC), Vojta (Lesprojekt)

PROJECT IDEA: The idea is to integrate Czech LPIs data with other RDF datasets, including the definition of sample sparql queries based on relevant use cases. We will use FOODIE ontology. FOODIE ontology has been generated from FOODIE application schema (UML model), Revision 4.3.2, and translated into an ontology according to ISO/DIS 19150-2 with several modification using ShapeChange.

For the beginning we defined next use cases:

Use Case #1 – buffer zones around water bodies (user will specify the distance). Result is a new shp datasets which define the areas within the fields with limited/restricted application of agro-chemicals.

Input: water bodies + LPIS

Use Case #2 – select of Farm based on the ID_UZ attribute from public LPIS database and searching EO data over all fields

Use Case #3 – visualization of crop species based on the farm data (need parcels with crop types- not available from open LPIS data) + percentage of crops in graphs

Use Case #4 – select fields with different soil  types

Use Case #5 something more complex – to select all fields with certain crop in max distance from certain point (it could be for logistic, distribution of biomass etc)