TEAM 2: GeoDCAT in NextGEOSS CKAN Data Hub

TEAM LEADER: Wolfgang Ksoll (Viderum/NextGEOSS data hub/Berlin)

TEAM MEMBERS: Marek Splichal, Stepan Kafka, Tomas Reznik

PROJECT IDEA: Today the data hub of NextGEOSS harvests metadata from sources on a proprietary basis where connectors are programmed to harvest e.g. from different sources of the Copernicus Sentinel missions as they are provided and can be searched in the data hub with a web interface or with programmatic interface like some NextGEOSS pilot projects do.
The task of the project is to apply the GeoDCAT-CKAN-extension to a test version of the NextGEOSS data hub und to study the consequences:

  • harvesting GeoDCAT metadata
  • searching in the hub webbased
  • searching with OpenSearch interface
  • new possibilities and access points with RDF and step in the door of the semantic web world