Research Data and Re-user Surveys by the EC

The European Commission is currently collecting feedback that will be taken into consideration for a review of the PSI directive.

In 2013 the European Union reviewed the Directive on Public Sector Information (Directive 2003/98/EC, the “PSI Directive”) and established the principle that all available information produced and collected by public sector institutions must be made available for reuse under open terms and conditions. The 2013 amended Directive still excluded data from research and education establishment from its scope.

The aim of this survey is to gather evidence about the costs and benefits of a possible extension of the scope of the directive to include these establishments – in particular for scientific data:

Within this context, the aim of this survey is, on the one hand, to gather evidence for an evaluation of the revised Directive and on the other, to investigate a number of possible options for the future. The survey targets specifically re-users of open public data, i.e. any individual, business or organisation, which is developing new apps and services based on the usage of (also) public data: