Open Land Use 4 Africa

Team leader: Dmitri Kozuch (Lesprojekt, Czech Republic)

The team working on Open Land Use 4 Africa project will integrate newly identified data sources into the map.

One of the sources is the Africover project which has done land cover mapping of particular African countries. The data is available for download for 10 African countries.

Also it was found GHSL (Global Human Settlement Layer) dataset – from which areas of residential land use has been identified. It is also available for the download.

Moreover, it is possible to use other tags from OSM to identify land use except the ‘landuse’ tag. For example, ‘natural’, ‘amenity’, ‘leisure’ tags etc.

All in all in the list of priorities according to the data spatial resolution will be 1) features from OSM 2) features from Africover 3) features from GHSL

The current state of the map can be seen here: