Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022: Challenge #16 Analysis, processing and standardization of data from agriculture machinery for easier utilization by farmers

MENTOR: Pavel Gnip

Agricultural machinery significantly influences the economic profitability of crop management. How to operate machinery on the field and achieve the best result in farming business? Data collection from running machine in time and location or Meteo sensor on the field can be one of basic controlling for farmers.

Ambition of the challenge

The ambition of the challenge is to prepare tools for quick overview on field data created by machine on the field by selected task for farmers overview and next decision making. Data view and next processing to combine those data with other farm’s data (sensors, labs, other) or open source data for farm practise reason.

Next steps

Verification, data controlling and visualization will be in first step, next step will analyze data with focus on:

  • Evaluation of the economic efficiency of machinery operations within the fields – farm
  • Precise records of crop management treatments
  • Management of machinery operations – increasing the efficiency of planning of crop management
  • Control of requirement for field operations:
  • Control of pass-to-pass errors and overlaps, coverage of maintained area and recommended work speed
  • Control of applied input material in comparison to prescribed rates
    • On line monitoring of weeds
    • On line monitoring of weather
  • ISOxml file from tractor offline
  • ISOxml file from tractor online

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