Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021: Call for Challenge Proposals

Another INSPIRE Hackathon is currently in its preparation! The Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021, organized by Plan4all association in cooperation with organizations such as WirelessInfo or the Czech Center for Science and Society, will be 18. INSPIRE Hackathon and already the fourth one that will be organized fully virtually with the respect to the current situation. The uniqueness of INSPIRE Hackathons lies in the fact that it is not just a multi-day event, but a comprehensive and long-term process, in which the emphasis is on using the results and knowledge gained from previous INSPIRE Hackathons.

The Open Spring INSPIRE hackathon 2021 will be focused on developments and innovations in agriculture, the environment, transport, tourism, geospatial applications or remote sensing and GNSS.

During the months of April and May, when the hackathon will take place, we offer you an unique opportunity to try out our new technologies and infrastructures, which will be open to all developers. At the same time, it will be possible to apply and integrate technologies into projects at your own discretion and experience. INSPIRE Hackathon opens up opportunities for cooperation in the development of various solutions with participants from all over the world, and at the same time offers everyone the enrichment of their own experience.

For each INSPIRE Hackathon, several challenges are defined in advance. Hackathon participants seek solutions for the challenges under the guidance of one or more mentors. The task of the mentors is to coordinate the team work within the challenge, ensure communication in the team and ensure that the team’s results are presented at the final virtual event, which closes the entire hackathon. Progress reports of challenges and ongoing information related to the hackathon will be published in Czech on the Open Spring website and also in English on the Plan4all website. All results will then be published and integrated on the portals and, which serve as a technological, presentation and knowledge base.

We are already open to your ideas and suggestions that we will happily include among the challenges and goals of this hackathon. In case of an interesting idea for the solution of a certain problem, we can also offer you further development or commercial deployment of your solution even after the end of the hackathon.

Your challenge proposals should include:

  • The title of the challenge
  • Name of mentor – You can also be a mentor!
  • Abstract (maximum 250 characters)
  • Short description of the call / issue (maximum 250 characters)
  • Extended description of the call / issue (approx. 1800 characters)
  • Category (eg GIS, sensors, application development…)
  • Requirements for team members: (eg backend development, frontend, UX specialist, graphic designer, GIS specialist, agronomist, traffic engineer, state administration…)
  • The aim of the challenge

The call for challenge proposals for the Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon is open until 21st March 2021! Please send your ideas to We will continuously publish the proposals you have sent on the Open Spring and Plan4all websites.