Thursday Webinar on Best Practices Catalogue for EBAG Distance Education

Through this webinar scheduled on 15th October at 10 AM CEST, we would like to invite you directly into the topic of one aspect of remote EBAG (eco-, bio-, agro-, geo-) education: how we can utilize and apply the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach in the field of distance EBAG education.
Is that really applicable? And how? We need to focus on open access as one of the RRI pillars. The crucial goal of the Challenge 1 is to develop an open digital catalogue of best practices for everyday usage. The catalogue will contain a huge number of educational materials (lessons, methodologies, worksheets, handouts, syllabus, presentations, applications, services, feedback forms etc.).

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Agenda of the webinar:

  • Challenge 1 Introduction (Kristýna Čerbová, Otakar Čerba)
    • Introduction of mentors
    • Goals of the challenge
    • Results of brainstorming phase of the challenge
  • RRI & EBAG Education (Kristýna Čerbová, Otakar Čerba)
    • Responsible Research and Innovations in educational sector
    • Interreg Central Europe project ROSIE as an example of a theoretical and practical co-creation (with its end-users) of possible solutions in the field of education
    • Examples of catalogues of best practices
    • Concepts of the Challenge 1 Best practices catalogue
  • Future plans & Other business (Kristýna Čerbová, Otakar Čerba)
    • Next steps of the Challenge 1 (database populating…)
    • Discussion on participation of particular team members
    • Discussion on topical COVID-19 pandemic restriction in the field of remote education / online education

You will hear from:

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