Join the Weather Revolution Workshop hosted by OGC

Join OGC for the Weather Revolution Workshop, August 25, 10am EDT

The global weather sector is undergoing revolutionary change  driven by major advancements in sensing and data collection  via new satellite, in-situ and airborne observations. This revolution is accelerated by rapidly increasing industry contributions to observations and analytics, shifting the dynamics of weather prediction and forecasting, and outpacing government-owned and operated capabilities.

Join the OGC Weather Revolution Workshop to:

  • Better understand the technology trends relevant to weather prediction and forecasting
  • Discuss the implications of major growth in commercial weather observations and capacity
  • Consider possible futures for government, commercial data providers, and value adders
  • Identify areas of potential for experimentation, and public-private partnerships
  • Observe challenge areas in tech standards necessary to meet new and evolving requirements for hyperlocal weather

From this dialog among panelists and workshop attendees, OGC will be preparing a detailed report of findings and recommendations to help further stimulate the advancement of the global weather community.

This workshop is free to participants. Click to register.