Thursday’s Webinar on Improving interoperability between methods for sharing in-situ and citizen-sourced data

On Thursday there will be a webinar focused on Improving interoperability between methods for sharing in-situ & citizen-sourced data and you are cordially invited!


  • Approaches for modelling citizen-science data through the OGC SensorThings API
  • Representation and visualisation of resources in the context of existing applications
  • SensLog solution for sensor data, integration of data from different sources

What: Initially, the webinar will introduce the benefits emerging from the utilisation of the OGC SensorThings API, as well as the problems that aims to address in terms of modelling both in-situ and citizen science sources of environmental information. Following this, presentations about existing relevant implementations will take place while also the  different use cases that will be addressed in the context of the hackathon shall be discussed.

Why: Considering the constantly increasing volume of citizen-generated and in-situ data, it is of high importance to ensure that data of different origins are comparable and compatible, whilst facilitating their integration into models and the development of new applications. To this end, data collected from citizens including low cost sensors and IoT devices should be made available in a standardised and efficient way, supporting accessibility and future use.

Who (is the webinar for):  Technical audience, including IT administrators, software engineers, solutions providers and product managers that want to be engaged with novel approaches that leverage open APIs, OGC standards and IoT paradigms for in-situ and citizen-sourced environmental monitoring. Data providers and data consumers are also welcome to the group, because we would like to contribute to the data exchange possibilities.

Register for the livestream of this webinar HERE!