Layman QGIS Plugin – Step-by-step installation

About Layman QGIS plugin

This plugin is an extension of the geographic information system QGIS. It is client application  usable like map layer provider for Layman server. Main idea is create and edit layers and create map compositions structures on local stations, that are possible upload to server.  It can also load map compositions/layers in the opposite direction as a client of WMS and WFS services. There is necessary authorize with server.

Installation of layman plugin

Layman plugin use packages that are not included in default installation of QGIS. Installation of additional packages is not simple so there is application that solves the problem on click.

Installation steps:

1. download QGIS (recommended version 3.4 LTR):

64 bit:

32 bit:

2. Download plugin installer here:

3. Run QGIS_installer.exe like administrator!
The installer detects installed version of QGIS. If you have more QGIS versions you can choose where to install plugin in combobox. There are required administrator privileges because installer works with files stored on system volume. Installer detected dependencies that are missing.

Choose version of QGIS and click on button „Install plugin“ and wait. Installer will download latest version of plugin and prepare QGIS for plugin. This step can take about 1 minute.

4. Run QGIS. Click on tab Plugins -> manage and install plugins -> Installed and check “Atlas” plugin.

Technical information

Need more information about the plugin?

For detailed information about plugin and use cases of plugin, please visit this document: