Challenge 5: IoT 4 Africa

This is a description of Challenge No. 5 of the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 led by Michal Kepka and Joel Muhanguzi – a local mentor from Africa.  For more information about mentors see the link.

Sensors are important producers of data for many domains of the daily life. Importance of this sensor data is growing with approach of IoT and availability of sensors. Typical domains are environmental monitoring, meteorological monitoring, agriculture, transport and logistics. Very often these specific domains use specific formats and interfaces to publish data.

The main goal of this challenge is to make a research on available sensor data, formats and standards used by local data producers and to select appropriate datasets to integrate them for further processing. Selected datasets can be integrated in open source data management solution we are developing for almost 10 years called SensLog. This web-based solution is using system of so-called Connectors to load sensor data from publishers where is no influence on the publishing data format. We are currently working on implementation of standardized interface based on the OGC SensorThingsAPI standard. This Connector should not only load data from services providing this standard, but publishing data by services defined in this standard as well.

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