Webinar – INSPIRE Hack 2017 – Update & Last Invite

It is NOT too late! You can still join the INSPIRE Hack 2017. LEARN HOW you can contribute with your hacking skills to improve our use of Earth observations and VGI to better management of the ENVIRONMENT! Get updates from the team leaders.

Webinar: Thursday, Aug 24th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

Sign up at  https://blbgroup.lpages.co/inspire-hack-2017/.

We offer a unique opportunity to hack together with international teams. The INSPIRE Hack 2017 supports your contribution to solving environmental and social challenges through science and technology.

  • What is the INSPIRE Hack 2017? Learn about the history of this hackathon, the second of its kind. The topics of this year will be explained so you can see if it is a good match with your motivations and skills.
  • Open data: The INSPIRE Hack 2017 is all about making use of free and open data resources. Learn about the treasures of data made easily available for you in this hackathon.
  • The tools: The INSPIRE Hack 2017 make use of several tools developed in European and other projects.
  • Environmental challenges boiled down to hacking topics: Since July 2017 several specific topics that need be solved to make better use of Earth observations, VGI, and citizen science data, have been identified. 9 team leaders will present these topics for you to choose freely from.
  • What is in it for you? In addition to the opportunity to work in inspirational teams, there are immaterial rewards. Learn what we offer you in return for your engagement.
  • Last chance to participate: It is not too late! Work intensively the last days of August and deliver within 1. September.
    Become a member of the INSPIRE hackathon community and enjoy future hacks for the environment: The more the merrier. This European initiative is open to citizens of the world sharing the same interest for use of open data for solving environmental and societal challenges. You are the future!

If any of these issues and topics are of interest to you, then this live webinar is for you. Save your seat now.

Plan4all in the Programme of the INSPIRE Conference 2017

Plan4all has got three entries during the INSPIRE Conference 2017.

The first one is the INSPIRE Hack 2017, which is scheduled as a two session workshop on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 9am (Session I) and 11am (Session II).

The second one is a two session workshop co-organised with the DataBio project – New Ways to Tackle Agriculture Challenges. This is scheduled for Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 2pm (Session I) and 4pm (Session II).

The third one is a presentation during the main part of the INSPIRE Conference, Friday 8th  – Plan4all – from Citizen Science , Citizen Observatories , VGI towards Community Driven Datasets by Karel Charvat. This presentation will be done in the frame of the Compliance assurance and public participation session, chaired by Jose-Miguel Rubio – European Environment Agency, starting at 2pm in the London I room.

You are cordially invited to join all these sessions. We are looking forward to meeting you there and hear your contributions.



Data Pitch Open Call

The Data Pitch project has just launched its open call and they’re seeking startups to apply for a place on their accelerator programme before the 1st October. The six-month programme includes equity-free funding of up to €100K, expert mentoring, legal advice and lots more. Plus the chance to tackle today’s big industry and societal challenges with data from some of Europe’s most forward thinking businesses. Find out more about the Data Pitch challenges here. Applications are open here: http://bit.ly/2ueSQfK

INSPIRE Hack 2017 Webinar Replay Video

We’ve recorded the webinar on video!

In case you missed the webinar session, or in case you’d like to watch it again, here’s the link to the replay video:

Link: https://app.webinarjam.net/r/3/0/replay/8777/04c7a7c803/0/142185333

Title: INSPIRE Hack 2017
Description: An invitation to join the INSPIRE hackathon 2017, create teams, suggest topics and engage in creating apps that will combine environmental data

Host: Bente Lilja Bye, Karel Charvat, Dmitrii Kozhukh, Raitis Berzins, Raul Palma, Michal Kepka

Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Time: 02:30 pm Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, GMT +2

Enjoy the replay!

Map application forecasting road traffic in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Plan4all has finalised a web map application for the City of Pilsen visualising the expected road traffic situation in Pilsen in one hour intervals during the period from May 2017 to November 2018.

The app is available at https://intenzitadopravy.plzen.eu/.

The traffic volume information is derived from the city’s traffic model (which is an advanced prediction and thus might be different from the real traffic situation) and takes into account ongoing roadworks on the selected day. The information about the roadworks is updated quarterly in order to reflect any possible changes of the roadworks. The application includes a timeline presenting the duration of the roadworks and thus providing an easy overview of the main road constructions and closures in the city in the coming years.

The traffic volume calculation methodology

The application predicts the traffic volumes on a selected day and hour based on the traffic model of the city and ongoing roadworks at that time. The calculated traffic volumes are calibrated by street measurements.

The traffic model is based on a matrix that calculates the number of vehicles traveling between every two of approx. 180 ‘traffic generators’ located in the city e.g.: urban zones, office districts, shopping malls, industrial zones, university campus, schools etc. The roadworks on the selected date are taken into account in the calculation as well. After the matrix calculation the counts of vehicles between all the traffic generators are portrayed on the road network, while the ideal (fastest) route together with the capacity of streets and crossroads are taken into account. The resulting traffic volumes are subsequently calibrated by the street measurements of vehicle counts at selected locations. In order to display the traffic volumes in the dynamic web application, the colour scheme of five colours (from green to red) is used to represent the traffic volume, matching the five traffic volume levels used by police. The figures displayed on the road segments represent the expected amount of vehicles on the street per hour.

The web application consumes the data in the form of the Web Map Service supporting temporal data (see the OGC specification, annex D). The web service is available for further reuse within the OpenTransportMap project and on the opendata.plzen.eu portal.

ISAF & Geomatics in Projects & Plan4all Joint Conference

4th – 5th October 2017

Kozel Chateau, Czech Republic

The Plan4all annual conference will be held as a joint event together with the 21st International Conference on Information Systems for Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) and 10th Geomatics in Projects 2017 Conference.

All interested are cordially invited to join and support this event. You can submit a contribution, participate in discussions or simply attend.

Please note that selected papers will be published in the Agris on-line journal (online.agris.cz) indexed in Scopus.

More information at https://kgm.zcu.cz/geomatics-in-projects-2017/.