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2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - call for papers

INSPIRE Conference 2013,
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Šárka Horáková 2010-11-02

Publication of a local plan on the web


“e-UP”is a map web application, which allows easy and user-friendly displaying of a local plan on the web. The main design of the local plan concept, which can be divided into several theme layers, is included among the data layers. A reconnaissance city map, a cadastral map or an orthophoto linked via the WMS web service can be displayed as referential data. Further information layers of the local plan concept – such as territory studies, public works, etc. – can be displayed over these basic layers. The e-UP application is offered in the form of a service.


The e-UP Internet service made for the town of Šumperk under the name “Concept of the Local plan” won in the regional level of the competition Golden Coat of Arms 2010 (Zlatý erb) and was assessed the second best electronic service in the national level.

Available layers

The e-UP is intended for making local plans and related information available to the public in the form of a web application; emphasis is put on clarity and as simple as possible use of the application. Absolutely faithful imaging of local plan designs, including the drawing of all marks, is its great advantage.

The basic variant includes 3 basic layers:

  • the main design of the local plan,

  • WMS cadastral maps (provided by Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre - ČUZK),

  • and WMS orthophoto (provided by Cenia).

Furthermore, the variant includes one optional superimposed layer (VPS – public works), which can be displayed over any of the basic layers.


The map-mail

The possibility of interactive contact between a user and the city-planning department of the relevant office is a significant characteristic of the application. In case, the user finds the information in the web application insufficient and he requires either more precise or broader information, he can mark the location in which he is interested and send an email with a request for information specification via this application.

The responsible employee of the relevant office receives this email including a URL link. By clicking on this link, the location marked by the user is displayed, including the scale and the layers in the same way as the user had them set at the time of his request. This system saves time for citizens because they do not have to visit the office, and it specifies the purpose of the email request for the officer responsible for local planning.

Search for addresses

The e-UP application allows fast localization in a map by means of a search for addresses. After a complete or a partial address (e.g. only a street) has been typed in, the application shows a list of found values, and marks the corresponding results in a map.

Search for plots

The e-UP also allows users to search not only for addresses but also for individual plots. After the number of a plot (including a slash) has been typed in, the application shows a list of found values, and marks the corresponding results in a map.

The interconnection of the graphic and descriptive part of the CP

The interconnection of the graphic and descriptive part of a local plan allows easy orientation in the limitations and conditions of use, which a local plan sets for individual locations. The application is especially valuable for the lay public because every user of the e-UP application can find out relevant measures by a simple click of the mouse on a particular location;he or she does not have to have an in-depth knowledge of local planning or to search for specific information in an extensive textual part of the local plan.

The interconnection of the graphic and descriptive part can be found in the e-UP advanced version, and its scope and form are dependent on the form of available source data and on the quality of received digital data of the local plan.

A connection to “Inspection of Real Estate Cadastre”

The e-UP may also include a function of linking the search for plots with the real estate cadastre available in the web application “Inspection of Real Estate Cadastre.” Users thus can get access to up-to-date data in the cadastre register in a simple way and use them to expand information of the local plan. Connection with the WMS layer of the cadastre map provides up-to-date information on a location in the local plan from both the geospatial and the descriptive perspective.

The concept of the Šumperk local plan

7 designs of the local plan, 3 referential layers, 5 superimposed layers (these can be displayed over any basic layer), interconnection of the graphic and descriptive part.



he concept of the Olomouc local plan

11 designs of the local plan, 2 referential layers, 3 superimposed layers (these can be displayed over any basic layer), interconnection of the graphic and descriptive part, search for parcels, connection to “Inspection of Real Estate Cadastre.”


Operation of the application


The e-UP application is run on the HF Biz Ltd. server and its operation is offered to towns and municipalities in the form of a service. In practice this means that after signing a contract a municipality which decides to use this service hands over source files of the local plan and therewith its obligations end. The HF Biz Ltd. company adjusts the data and application according to the requirements of the municipality and publishes it on the web. The municipality can include a direct link to this application on its web pages.

The price for the e-UP service includes a one-time fee for the implementation of the service and a regular monthly fee for its operation and maintenance. The price depends on the size of the municipality and on the required functions of the service.

A showcase application of the e-UP in English:



HF Biz Ltd., Slovanská 21, Šumperk, Czech Republic


Šárka Horáková: horakova [at] hfbiz.cz

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