2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - Call for papers

As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art,...

2012-12-05 The smeSpire network now expands also in Hungary!

A warm welcome to  HUNAGI , the Hungarian Association...

2012-11-29 Proposal for a new EU Environment Action Programme to 2020

The European Commission today put forward a proposal for an Environment Action Programme (EAP) to guide EU...

2012-12-18 INSPIRE Conference 2013 - call for papers

INSPIRE Conference 2013,
INSPIRE The Green renaissance,
June 23-27, Florence, Italy

As much as...

2012-07-16 INSPIRE Annex II and III draft guidance documents

The current versions of the draft guidelines for all 25 themes covered in INSPIRE Annex II and III aren now...

2012-06-22 INSPIRE Conference webcast link

THe webcast link for the INSPIRE 2012 conference is available:

2011-11-10 The OGC's next meeting will be in Brussels 28 November - 2 December

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced that it will hold its next OGC Technical Committee and Planning...

2011-11-07 OGC 3DIM honors 3D Pilot NL with OGC 3D award

During the well-attended OGC 3D Summit in Boulder, Colorado the first ever OGC 3DIM Award was given to the 3D Pilot NL,...

2011-11-04 OGC and USGIF Announce WhereCon 2012 to be held in Washington, DC

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) announce the ...

Work package 3 - Design of Plan4all metadata profile

The aim of the WP is to define European metadata profile, which will cover requirements given by national legislations and INSPIRE directive. The work will include:

  • To analyse, what are requirements on spatial planning metadata given by national legislations
  • To define European Metadata profile (platform neutral) for spatial planning


Task 3.1 Analysis of requirements given by national legislation

The first part of the work will be focused on metadata in urban planning according to the legislation of single partner countries. The goal is to compare these national legislations and define common sets of items, which will be used for common metadata sharing. Any country could extend this set of items.


Task 3.2 Plan4all metadata profile

The proposed Urban Planning Metadata Profile must fulfil the requirements of National legislative and INSPIRE directive. With respect to the support of INSPIRE directive the proposed metadata profile will support the international standards ISO 19115 (Core metadata for geographic datasets) and other ISO and OGC standards. So result will be European Spatial Planning Metadata profile, which will be extension of INSPIRE profile. This profile could be eventually extended by single countries; it will be minimal set, which has to be respected.

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