PoliVisu Data Literacy Survey

With the Data Literacy Survey, the PoliVisu project team aims to collect EU-wide evidence on the current level of knowledge and understanding of the use of data (and particularly big data) by public authorities and their service organisations.  This questionnaire focuses on the use of big data for policy making and experimentation, with a specific focus – but not limited to – the mobility and transportation domain.

The results of this survey will be processed anonymously. The report will discuss only aggregated outcomes.​

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TEAM 6: Discovery and Using Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) in DataBio Fishing Pilot

TEAM LEADER: Dmitrij Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: The idea is to explore which data provided by CMEMS could be of use in DataBio fishing pilot and in which way they could be used (it is important to be able to search the data by their metadata – dataset name, time extent, spatial extent etc..).

The task will logically follow the efforts, that were made during Prague hackathon in January.

TEAM 5 Open Land Use Metadata Harvesting on NextGEOSS

TEAM LEADER: Dmitrij Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: The idea is to create metadata for the Open Land Use map for the all european municipalities (currently in the metadata catalogue: https://micka.lesprojekt.cz are only nuts regions and municipalities in Austria, Czech Republic and Flanders region of Belgium). As well as creating new metadata there will be made some refinement of the metadata based on this document, that is written by metadata experts.

As it is possible to output metadata according to GeoDCAT-AP standard (see this example) – the metadata can be used for testing in NextGeoss CKAN Data Hub by team 2.2.

TEAM 4: CKAN Extension to Integrate User Feedback with NiMMbus

TEAM LEADER:   (Viderum/NextGEOSS data hub/Berlin)


PROJECT IDEA:  In the Pilsen hackathon a first extension for CKAN was coded to integrate the NiMMbus user feedback system of the University of Barcelona  for spatial datasets. Goal of the project is to test the maturity to make it generally available.
(Must be checked before with Jovanka after 26th of February, 2018, and UAB

TEAM 3: Traditional Metadata Standards and Community Metadata

TEAM LEADER:  (Viderum/NextGEOSS data hub/Berlin)

PROJECT IDEA: The traditional metadata standards like Dublin Core, CDAT, GeoDCAT or ISO have limited schemas which are not sufficient for communities like climate or biodiversity researchers with their Essential Climate Variables or their Essential Biodiversity Variables (EVB.

Goal of the project is a proof of concept to enrich traditional metadata standards with the CKAN “system fields” mechanism so that

  • sources get additional information for EBV metadata while harvesting
  • harvested metadata can be filtered by EV content
  • APIs like OpenSearch can provide additional search criteria from the harvested EBVs